Who are my clients?


Organizations that FOCUS ON TECHNOLOGY to solve problems

My clients  believe technology is a main driver in the overall success of the organization.    They understand how a  true technology organization operates and continue to innovate.

CULTURE fit is just as important as skills

Ever work at a company and a few bad apples really bring everyone down.  Yeah I don't work with those kinds of company's.  Expect to give and receive respect always.  Work should be fun most of the time. 

They know what MOTIVATES Engineers

The clients I support are very focused not only on the mission at hand but also ensuring that the engineering teams have what they need to build the best technology.  No politics, no BS, just cool problems to solve. 


Look everyone claims they have the best talent but after 20 years in the industry I learned to follow the really smart people.  You should not be the smartest person in the room and you won't be if you land at one of my clients.   

Make it RAIN

Look, I'm not saying that is is the most important thing but at the end of the day we all have bills.  All my clients understand the demand of the market and they all have competitive compensation packages to compete for the best!  

Build that RESUME

Everyone of the companies that I partner with are 100% resume builders.  Meaning there brands are well know for solid technology and talent.  

Hiring in Boston, Cambridge, Waltham and Burlington

Full Stack Software Engineer-

This position  will work with a small but nimble team of experienced engineers that are passionate about developing innovative tech solutions that cool business problems. 

Skills:   OOD principles,  strong server combined with comprehensive front end skills.  Javascript, React.

Salary: $140k-190K 

Front End Software Engineers

Love working on the UI side of the house?  In this self driven  role you'll work on some of the best front end technology out right now.  

Skills:   React, Node, Flux / mobx ,  Cassandra, Redis, Hadoop, or MongoDB .

Salary: $150k-$170k

Software Engineer in Test

The SETS in this role are shoulder to shoulder with the developers building stable reusable 

scalable frameworks.  Using a variety of language and tools.  Come lead a team! 

Skills:   OOD skills,  design and  QE principals

Salary: $120K-$140K

Android/Mobile Engineers

 You will be working on our well-reviewed Android application used by a large and passionate group of users.  We are proud of our 4+ star rating in the Google Play Store and need your help to continue this success.  

Skills:   object oriented programming using languages such as      Java, C# or Objective-C

Salary: $140k-$170K 

DevOps / Site Reliability Engineer

  This person loves improving application performance.  Help engineers  push the boundaries of Android performance and building a highly reliable and scalable AWS-hosted platform that supports a fast growing customer base.  

Skills:  Linux OS, data analysis,  Java and Python but experience in any language is fine.

Salary: $130k-$165K